updated (via sapporo, Japan.)

they call it a getaway for a reason
the run to nihon is ususally an excuse for pro-longed shoe-hunting bags yearning and fake braids spying
who cares abt the fugly unreasonable inexplicable exchange rates yeh?

i usually dont prefer to reminisce the new post icon when its an hr ahead here and knowing theres more shop-till-i-drop in the days to come
but please someone fix my i-m-so-tired-but-i-couldnt-sleep
trust me, nth can be worse than staying awake sober when everyone is getting high in their own dreams

maybe i just want the sad post below to sink a little lower
a little further
and not self-prioritize itself like the sweet memories and the hazardous pain
please let me sleep in this mess of wounds and wake up to a valley of sushi boulevard of clogs

even the japanese skies are crying

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