...today's the day

too much in my head i need time time a little sleep maybe more sleep to figure out whats THE THING i wanted to focus on here
today heaven took a home run and hell is watching fearfully from below
todays the day when you wake up dreading its happening
but before panic manage to clear the delusion in your eyes
you find yourself smiling proudly at the 14-page essay-ish product like a mother gazing at her newborn babe
wondering why when how did all this happen
as the pens went down my freshman year tucked itself happily away under the forever incomprehensible ordinances the Solle v Butcher the Great Peace the Krell v Henry the Herne Bay v Hutton
i never imagined contract could one day top my fav-courses list
NEVER. but it did.
so never judge life and anything in it by intuition
u may always end up holding on to the very thing you hate
or are we just addicted to torment

...and it all goes back to those marni clogs as they cling on a little-too-hard to my flesh screaming TAKE ME HOME
yet left me all starstuck and so flyy

...this time i stepped down (amazing). said a little chau to the last red kiss that left burning on me ankles and walked away lightly happily with candy pink repetto

...todays the day when we're all just too sick of heartaches headaches
...todays the day when we just want to skip lightly along
and return to the beginning
when we can still laugh like its forever without vogue embarassment marnis pride

chau to vanity. all we need is a way back into LOVE

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