Labelled: 100 % Zoomed out.

i miss my words.
the unanimously graceful times new roman the standard black and white the irregular spaces filling in the gap of my thoughts the long and short running lines aligning my feelings my breath my life
it took my breath away every time when i realise
how intangible my feelings can be converted to tangible-ness through mere 26 alphabets
its like a function(x) =y
but this time the equation is lurking mischievously in the shadows
never knowing when it will pay a visit
yet everytime it did, it left me mesmerized
no i didn't write the words
the words write my feelings
since our incompetent human mind discriminates against sweet meaningful memories
and tends to accommodate summer sale dates and new tom ford rouges "with prejudice"
i'd very much like to do a little justice by appointing meself the position of secretary
so don't be surprised if you find me blogging away behind the little black device of a notebook
just imagine a little "busy translating life into words. brb" notice hovering a little above the illuminated screen
and delight yourself with some other much more interesting things in life.

zooming back into life.
did i ever mention this whole idea of organizing my thoughts by adopting the most authentic photographic system
just focus on the trees. okay maybe not THE TREES for you if you are not using a sony anymore. its the zoom in/out button
so for now i'd like to equate ZOOM OUT with actual happenings in my everyday life
which i can already foresee taking a mere 30% of daily new posts as i have a certain habit of wandering and getting lost
and equate the ZOOM OUT button with thoughts lost in the clouds thoughts i couldn't categorize thoughts that just come to my mind labelled UNIQUE.
there. i spared you the unnecessary time of swimming in my immense sea of words
trust me. it's not fair to keep your life waiting out there for mere times new roman.
esp not mine.

so chau to get-to-the-point frustration...

p.s: Ha. there goes the title.

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