but everyone can afford love

tom ford said its not a sin to shower 5 times a day

if you feel helpless, take the time of your life to put on a suit

put on your armor and go fight for something you believe in

then take it off

and immerse yourself in water

maybe in another medium

love will feel lighter

i didn't realize until he said the commitment

that i didn't want any ending like that.

She asked me to choose between fur and a ring

i want something to hold me tight to keep me warm when i feel cold

but love can only bring me the latter

He told me oh so brutally honestly

that he wanted a change, wanted some love, wanted a new start

i almost ripped my heart believing when i realize

thats exactly what i want as well

she said he wouldn't be able to afford what i want but he will try his best

but dear you

he couldn't even give me what he can afford because he felt too weary to try for love

how can i even borrow my heart to someone so poor

in morality

in the end

christmas is here again

last christmas

a family of 5 saved my soul

this year

i will try save the rest of them