look out of the window, where is the light?

i used to think its gonna be alright 

i used to think its gonna be better, the worst will be over before you know it 

but where did all this courage go?

maybe i spent it on the overpriced bags and shoes, or the overheated moments on fridays 

i thought love liberates, its just sorrowful and adds on the never ending list of worries

but maybe its better to be out in the jungle on your own

fight the fate until you are too tired to change whatever situation you got yourself into

why but did i let the people closest to me build my prison

today he told me he hated the place where he stayed, he said there are no bars on his window at home 

I told him, freedom comes at a price, and not one that a student can ever afford 

we smiled 

whoever told us knowledge liberates, are liars 

when time sets our mind free, its the world that makes our boundaries. 

then love the hurt, so it doesnt hurt no more

and love no one, until time decide not to wash our shadows away

she told me she wanted a room with windows 

we can't dream when we can't see the light 

don't you dare to shut that only window left in my world. 



effects of expression

it wasn't until i looked into his eyes that i realise

time really shows 

there were extra scars on his cheeks, the saggy skin under his once tough elbow, the little dandruffs that wasn't there ever before

I am only certain hes mine by the brand that was burnt on his left thigh. I did check. I am scared. 

Hes still that same young soul, frisky and unsettled by the smell of fresh carrots. 

I saw the same passion for the same thing. The unwillingness to yield, never a shameful or sorrowful glance

After devouring his orange prizes, he'll show his impatience. I wonder if he ever tried breaking out of his cell. 

He never look you in the eye when he know its time to say goodbye. He gave me and my sister a huge blow, or a snort. As if, simply, "girls".  

When I turned back, attempting to explain my guilt for not having been around, I found him gazing into the distance.

Why, when all is said and done. We tried not to look back. 

I heard him calling from his heart.