t'wasnt about the the man in your life..but the life of your man

a chinese girl once blogged that her father is indifferent
at that moment i only read rebel amongst the angry letters
but i guess somehow girls like us
is destined to go thru this love-hate relationship
with THE MAN in your life

talking abt men.
it came across me mind an enthralling conversation i had with mum one day in landmark cafe
she told me men are egoistic animals. I couldn't concur more. I added their mind is born way less complex compared to us females. i tried to avoid the word "stupid"
but, tbh, no word better describe the male mind

till now i guess there are about 5 men who(unfortunately) stumbled across my life
3 memories i'd like to very much dispose of, 1 lingered for a little longer than t'was supposed to, and THE ONE who's always there and at times drove me insane.

like today. or a sec ago.
he's THE MAN who i idolize, who i swear never to become, yet i like so much
the words from him stabbed right thru me heart. like always.
tears are almost a-must side effect
but this time
i'm facing it squarely.
he'll understand my change someday.
and i have to learn,
to tug my tears away,
and smile because i cared.

for now, murmuring a silent ciao to the brittle girl

why chau its forever

and... my baby's born :)
have been thinking abt the blogbirth since my first stumble across frd's blogspot
it was strange, one usually reads the annoymous' blogspot and get to know him/her through their posts words likes...but my first experience is thru a frds. that means you know them BEFORE reading about them. so right but wrong. one never knows anyone better than through their words. and i began knowing HER in a very different way,
a HER through sensational posts, simple spectacular words and everythg else
then i started reading more blogs, starting with artsy bloggers and one thing lead to another, now most random.

then it came to me one day
that i need to put down me thoughts into words.
wanting to others to know the ME through lil bits and pieces of me life
thru me words not me actions.
and i see something coming thru
the desire to know myself better too
why chau its forever is born on a sunny day in a small city in asia i called home
and the moment heightened after a filling breakfast in landmark bringing back with me
two jeffrey campbells
oh and adding a little
gleaming gold tory bruch in hk's rare sunn

so today.
put down our reminiscence for the sun
breath and tell youself...

why chau when its forever.

walking into the sun
with tory burch's gold smile hanging along