t'wasnt about the the man in your life..but the life of your man

a chinese girl once blogged that her father is indifferent
at that moment i only read rebel amongst the angry letters
but i guess somehow girls like us
is destined to go thru this love-hate relationship
with THE MAN in your life

talking abt men.
it came across me mind an enthralling conversation i had with mum one day in landmark cafe
she told me men are egoistic animals. I couldn't concur more. I added their mind is born way less complex compared to us females. i tried to avoid the word "stupid"
but, tbh, no word better describe the male mind

till now i guess there are about 5 men who(unfortunately) stumbled across my life
3 memories i'd like to very much dispose of, 1 lingered for a little longer than t'was supposed to, and THE ONE who's always there and at times drove me insane.

like today. or a sec ago.
he's THE MAN who i idolize, who i swear never to become, yet i like so much
the words from him stabbed right thru me heart. like always.
tears are almost a-must side effect
but this time
i'm facing it squarely.
he'll understand my change someday.
and i have to learn,
to tug my tears away,
and smile because i cared.

for now, murmuring a silent ciao to the brittle girl

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