the three musketeers

Today I talked to two respectable men

both of them have the most splendid smile I've ever seen,

one told me (smiling), his feet used to be less swollen then before, now he could not eat anything sweet

the other told me (smiling), he stopped thinking about his dream. He is happy with what he have, achieved and lacked.

I smiled, only because they did.

I hope I can be surrounded with people like these

young at heart, wise in the head, kind to look at.

I always believed you can only own something by working towards it.

The third man I met today told me, that primitive women are accustomed to collect fruits in the summer, for the sake of preparing for winter.

He said we are all flintstones at heart.

I winced at the thought, that time did not help us heal, but just made us more aware of the primitiveness within,

the difference between now and then,

the extra need of deception.

but have you ever experiemented with yourself

that no matter deliberate or not,

you are either deceiving or being deceived

so why not be your own Laika

It had been a hard 3 years,

but I believe I can walk out of it fast enough

before I get too weak to leave.