never too much love

if i am too tiny to embrace your sorrows

let my eyes hug your soul

this christmas we filled it with smiles and laughter

but why even if thoughts are stubborn time is short

let me not be greedy, but shelter all the good

memories are chosen, life is to learn

so i learn to remember what he said to me

"theres never too much love"


forget me not

Maybe I kept myself really busy with life

So I can stop thinking about the things that pierce my heart

Who doesn't get hurt anyways

Who does the earth stop spinning for

Until I tried to draw the bear

The talks about how I didn’t care

I realize I took it a little too far

A little too seriously

And it killed us

Just because you cared too much

And now,

He stayed the same, I changed my lifestyle

I need to be safe and sound

But you are walking above the ground

When someday we can both find a new personality

So that the love doesn’t get lost in translation

We can fall back into the stars

And try