Don't look back in anger

and after all, it takes just oasis to bring me back here
a land of memories
of tears in smiles
of pain in the rain
of wrongness stupidity ignorance
but oh how i wish
its as easy to stay foolish
as steve said

last year today
i am perfectly happy typing away alone in this little corner of bliss
blissful because i felt the possibilities of youth
when love is still a luxury and not yet a necessity
at least thats how it felt
beatles are right when they say

when he told me we've been there done that and its time to let go
I believed
that no matter how much love how much pain
tried to burn out the flick of youth
time will heal
memories will be replaced
we will eventually forget
the worst and remember the rest

for now
i'll try
to love those who loved me
to forsake those who abused my love
my love,
tell me
how to keep love strong when life gets crazy