CAUTION: Memory Overload

should be googling away dubai/deauville out there somewhere in south of france (correct me if not.)
or the breadwinner is going to declare the official 11th trip to nihon.
from the look of it
sister's bf's right; should have bought the land next to airport.
let go of that chinese pride and admit we've long succumbed to Japanese meatless food ahmazing GPS and singing toilets

why though hell of exam's over and done with heaven's still stuffed with to-dos?
dear john checked. room rearranging checked. stop lamenting over the MIA mr right checked. never let time decide the end of the day aka sleep at 4 checked. read year 2's credits/ course syllabus checked. see TLF checked. shop til i drop CHECKED. CHECK-ing. UNCHECKING again.
better leave that as a permanent #nowdoing

back to room arranging. took a little longer than expected.
an entire 4 hours of sorting out papers labelling tossing this and that into the overflowing bin aww-ing waa-ing at the archive of cert past papers swearing over and over that the collection's comparable to any local bookstore's
for hours i found meself swimming in thermoregulation alkenes vectors locus new testament horrifying english incomprehensible chinese
wondering what else happened within the last 3 years of highschool except the bonds the words the numbers
then, despite reluctance pulling slightly at the sleeves of me heart,
my hands worked away -tied cut labelled. the awe of hand-made mass production
there. 4 years straightened out packed away topped with cute nylon ribbons
awkward spaciousness' all that was left
adding into the leftovers a little back-ache and bleeding fingers

didn't I say it hurts to forget?

at least now i wont be killed by my own memory landslide
they say pay $139 per month for unlimited internet access
i say i'll pay everything for unlimited memory storage
the truth is
you get charged for overuse without being told
you pay your life for memory overload

i'll pack away.
lets just hope the rest stays forever. somewhere. out there.

they came in a tangle, leave as pretty petite gifts

an army of emptiness

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