A girl in a white dress

i have approximately 4 mintues to write starting NOW
sorry dont wana sound like a secret agent on a mission but em rather a student with her exam due in 2 hrs with loads of unread material awaiting
i'd like to write if not everything SOMETHING about last nite
dont want to let the thought slip past like all the dreams u wake up forgetting
last nite.
I ENVISIONED MY FUTURE WEDDING. (you may at this point go click on another url thinking duh thats wut all girls do after watching too much chickflicks)
but i saw in my mind ALL THE DETAILS
i think critical thinking made me mad.

if my memory didn't fail me
i had this DAY replay in my head, with my mind as the camera zooming into the forget-me-nots, the little unique quotes on the flip side of every invitation the scrabble that spelt "just married"
and occasionally my mind would do the zooming-out
where i see the white tents on my roof top, way-back-into-love and some katy perry singing out the romance, and me in _______ wedding dress (sorry i did not go into that) walking up the stairs that lead to my rooftop, through the glassdoors under the beloved gaze of my beloved family and friends
and the evening will begin with some how-we-met and some light funny stories explaining the reason for choosing my own place as the wedding venue's to make every part of me past witness me future. when its time to go into the core of the speech:
that this is not merely my special day, but a special day for all my special guests
the ones who witnessed my growth and my being with love held me when i fall been there for me when i stand up all over again. today's the day when they can finally call it a day
as their task of looking after this little frivolous girl is being passed on to the most unfortunate man on earth
thus the reason to celebrate :D
towards the end of speech..
"look around and recall all the memories we had around this place. and todays the day when more's to come to enrich to fulfil to inject love into each and every one of our lives. Please make yourself at home"
as the sunset melted the "now the groom may kiss the bride",
the guest will descend down the flight of golden stairs make their way towards the ground floor
where they will find a splendid but modest feast awaiting them on the long tables
with their seatings labelled by invitations
THE INVITATIONS (the most important detail of the day)
will either be in creamy white or baby pink
with each individual guest's name printed in grey cursive
and on the flip side,
an individual my-fav quote printed in black.
wishing that they not only bring home memorizing memories which may fade by day
but also the printed words that will help them throughout life, the way each and everyone of them helped me throughout mine
back to FOOD.
cheese, parma ham, salmon as starters, followed with cheese fondue and a little greek salad and foie gras, then the main-course of your choice (this i will save for the discretion of my to-be-husband. sorry honey but lets stick to MY PLAN for the rest) and dessert comes with blueberry cheese cake bread pudding, a little (ew i hate) chocolate for my sister (she loves them) and all souffle with stawberry sauce. (no chocolate this time to ruin the day)
and after the guests devoured the romance the food and all my favs
THE AFTERPARTY will be waiting, alluring
in the first floor with a rented DJ for the night
and i say... a little red wine white wine gin and tonic ( nononoNO Beer)
we'll get out of our smart frocks and tutus and black ties
and dance like we are fifteen
then as night closes in and dawn finds its way towards the windowsill
we'll see the guests off one-by-one
by this time I will disclose his special present
take him by his hand and lead him towards the only-lit room on the second floor
as i close the door the flicker of candles will be the only light
and we'll snuggle in
and cherish the remaining bits and pieces of the beautiful debris
and hold on-to each other
into the newly-wed days to come.
i replayed this twice every single bit of it and added a few more detail here and there
the secretly planned wedding

opps. 20 min past eleven. that gives me less than an hour for my pre-exam prep
see why i can never make meself a secret agent
but please keep this a secret between us
and sshhhh
till we meet the HE in our lives

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