The present is a gift for a reason

did you ever find yourself reminiscing about the tomorrows
as illogical as it may sound
I swear we all did at least once. or almost once every end of the year
esp around this time when we find ourselves dealing with cert examination finale last year of IB final moments of college and always ( too emotionally carried away) found ourselves making a great deal out of the remaining minutes of youth of fun of i-dont-give-a-sh** ness
the above rang some bells.
it was me at my graduating nite. me last summer saying endless ciao s to people i thought would just walk out of my life there and then
and here comes that special time of the year again
when i felt nostalgia tapping on my shoulder
making me turn round and look back on all the happy tears the deepest hugs the fear of letting go the almost-certain feeling that the happiest days are beyond us
at this point i cant help hiding the little giggle

awwww t'was such a little girl.

a friend once swore she would do everything to hold on to the simplest of days
and will do everything not to let the filth of growing up contaminate the purest of hearts
there and then she befriended nostalgia
me too got to spend a little more time with the n-word than i shd hv
and then i discovered the pain of living in the past
and the cowardice of fearing the stumbles and falls out there in the unknown.

quote the present is a gift for a reason quote.

and i have it written down all over my heart.
it gave me answers i need.
why give up the present to mourn over the dead grandmother the ex-bfs the mistakes the memories
when i have a frivolous life to live before me

....all this began when i start reminiscing about the fact that my freshman year will end in 2 days
and the downside is i'm celebrating it with critical thinking and contract finals due consecutively
i guess its obvious

sorry nostalgia. maybe another day.

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