two girls crying over smiling cake

when u find urself indulging in cheesecake last nite and again in the morning
and maybe craving for some in the afternoon to come and maybe as dessert for later tonite
while u are in some immense dieting mode
then maybe
and very likely
u r in denial of all the pain inside

suddenly the Ocean cocktail stings my heart like some overloaded grey goose
when she told me with tears framed in her eyes
"he said he didn't love me no more"
if some words like this some swords like that can break a listener's heart
i dont even want to pretend i could saviour her silent bleeding
maybe its different but very indifferent in some way
believe me when i say what more can be said and done
two girls seeking answers in some blueberry cheesecake

didn't they tell us to smile and laugh like there's no tomorrow
no they didn't tell us all the cheesecake's not the reason but the remedy
how can they actually say it's just not the right time
and not realise it never had been and never will be

why are there two girls crying over smiling cakes

spare the interrogation. spare the fuss
every being is wounded one way or the other.

someone patch up my rare wounds

don't shed no more tears. it's killing me.

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