Dear you,

on certain days when your head's going in circles after immense overly-repeated parking and u-turns
when summer heat's closing up on you like some sweaty panting guy unconscious of his bad breath
thats the time when i'd crave for a little romance off the paperbacks
and some left-over sushi that sat awaiting in the fridge
never losing its cool

when i come to think of it
i'd forgotten the last time some stranger's words brings a smile
as my eyes began jogging along the Savannahs the conversations the "I"s
my other senses came alive as well
some he-looks-her-in-the-eyes formed as vividly as reality in my head
i wondered whats the "her hair smelled like strawberries" scent all about
there would be a sudden "aww" outloud
or a silent tear which forms a darker shade of yellow on the coarse paper before i even realise
all the while i sat, in bear's embrace
the words stirring up memories
of some man i once loved now hated
of some boy i once thought i liked and still secretly does
of some someone in the future who would bring the same smile same frown same tears
as nicholas sparks had with his words

who needs a hug when we've been rocking in beary embrace
who needs a kiss when words like his nudges our heart
who needs the arm round your waist if it fades as soon as it untwines
i need only the words that takes me to the very beginning
and make every moment last

keeping the idyllic sunday afternoon to myself
with the remaining bite of camembert and a spark of romance

oh and only if i could rest in his embrace
pretending for a moment that it would last forever


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