sunblocks, swimpants

it surprises me how the littlest thing brings back the fondest of memories
this time they are sunblocks
how i used to turn to beach towels bikini and sunblocks
on my most frustrated days with biology test econ IAs and chinese essays due first day of a tormenting week ahead
how i used to find immediate content in whipping all standing sunblocks on the shelf
grabbing my speakers before dashing out into the alluring blue skies smiling sun
running into martin round the bend.
him and his red swimpants.
we'd skip along the shades fallen leaves soft warm rays
until we rid the clingy heat by throwing ourselves into emerald waters
as the sun sets in it would be all giggles splashes you-race-me-to-the-other-end
almost everytime i'd make him get us diet coke
sometimes i'd hint at the desire for honey mustard pretzel pieces
we'd fight a little tease a little laugh a little
but in the end i always get my pretzel pieces

on other days when the sun decided on a sweet short visit
the fact that we're wet both inside and outside the waters always amuses us
we'd dance in the drizzle, pretending the world's an ocean and we're never going to leave it
we'll always be fishes in the water
and nobody can take our breath away

i used to teach him my proud tanning routine
starting with pre-tan sunblock, followed by tanning sunblock, ending with post-tan lotion
the idea of carrying bottles of sunblock annoys him
to him
its always just red swimpants.

before i met martin i swim for seconds instead of the sun
its always only about how to beat the clock beat my peers beat myself
its never about the sun

i am surprised he remembered all the sunblocks
i am amazed how i've never forgotten his red swimpants
i learnt that some memories just disapper
others come back for random catch-ups

today's the sunblocks and red swimpants
i secretly wish that this time
they'll stay

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