A man. A child. Some Love. a Pinch of Hope

Then he placed the doll back in its tiny house and looked her in the eye

His gaze embraced her tightly as if her every movement of hers mesmerises him like the first laugh first cry first step

I’ll never know whether she returned his gaze in the same way, I’m privileged enough only to appreciate her silhouette

But everytime she moved a doll placed it on its petite bed she looks up at him

And gave him the angelic smile

Which, I doubt, if doesn’t melt every heart, would at least one

They never touched

It was either she who showed off the doll’s routine lifestyle, or him pretending to imitate, yet failing at every attempt to mimic the gentleness of his little precious

There they sat, in the middle of all the shoppers, boarding announcements, people frustrated by gate numbers boarding time

There they sat in this little heaven of their own, waiting for the angel of their lives to return, all the while treasuring every second of bliss in thee Eden gardens

Who says a heaven isn’t complete without apples

I say all it takes is a girl a boy some love and a bunch of hope

For that angel to return

written: 2:25 p.m sapporo airport

P.S. this is the teeniest effort i've placed in a blog post. took me literally one second to Ctrl+X then Ctrl+V everything from word to the world wide web. don't even start pointing the finger at my laziness. blame the MIA wifi in nihon's domestic airport.

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