Are you living it right?

the ahmazing day began with an egg white omlette wrapped round avocado and cheese
followed by a little flirting with baby pink manicure and matte blue pedi
orgasming with oh-i-die foot treatment
sashimi salad and a few more pieces of sushi giving THE BEST after-cuddle
then diving right into roundtwo as we check out the new BABY

awwww if today could just freeze itself
and replay and replay i would be living in heaven.
i'd like to add a little movie here and bath there and a little more shoehunting everywhere
so its not THE PERFECT day. but defo an almost-perfect one.

sorry for the nonsense up there but i'd very much like to remember the day when i was supposed to be grounded with contract
but ended up checking everything in the lust list
except contract.
(it doesnt make sense i know since contract never did and never can make itself to the lust list)
i'm now building another list
a to-meet list of people. have been flirting with my pc for too long i think its getting tired of me given that its mind started to wander and its efficiency falling to minimal.
they say technology is the new weapon.
i say they are the most egoistic creature the earth has ever come across

i gotta feeling that today shd be contract-free
what u say. a nap? a nap should defo clear nonsense out of my head
and bring back a super-efficient contract-flipping chau.
where's the button you press to change tobie maguire into spiderman
the secret basement where tony stark became ironman
tell me how can i become contractwoman
for the sake of saving the world from frustration mistake unconscionably
and do some paper-work justice

lets just hope the nap does it magic.

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