Let the feast begin

often when theres too much living and too little thinking WORDS tend to find themselves a hideout by keeping out of the inviting white space called new posts
i hope this is a fair reason for the inexplicable incident of the missing updates
of mind of flesh and everything else

given the self-delegated obligation to dig up something new...
i have to say i always find the most eventful hours of my life the most uninspiring ones
when theres too many a cluster of minds me thoughts tend to black out like an overloaded fuse
Poof. just like that
let them do the talking. the bluffing. the hypocrit-ing
leave me alone with food- the rosso the cambert the butter crisps the raisin cookies caviar apple crumbles
at least tastebuds stick to truths without throwing tandrums
sometimes alphabets are too deceiving words are too incompetent emotions takeover
...thus let the feast begin

food are friends for life

did i tell you your smile taste like sugar overload?

dont let my rainbow illusions confuse you grandma's tastebuds

dear souffle why do you always have to melt without saying ciao

the only remains of the feast

berries best served frozen with yoghurt

a fiesta begins with one macaroon

often ends with knutsford's cake of cheese

when they say cheese they just want your smile

caution: not edible but waxing at W is FIESTA!

p.s. and i did begin this post with a ralph lauren mac zara haul in mind. see why the saying goes :

"follow your heart. our brain always screws things up"

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