Lead me not into temptation. I can find the way myself

hmm,, today is not a good new-post day.
so apparently i was allured to the NEW POST button without anything interesting enuf inducing me to do so.
how interesting can a day with contract be anyways
the most writable thing i can account for
takes me back to the afternoon when i dreamt away with colbie caillat's the little things lullabying in the background. the humidity found its way in again and i woke up feeling like my head's pregnant
so i sat vis-a-vis with the huge mindy and burrows and (thankfully) my dearest computer, offering me a handy escape into THE RIGHT WORLD where i'll foreseeably twitter blog facebook away happily-and-ever-after
so for 5 hrs straight i was false imprisoned with contract trying to see eye to eye with the uncomprehendable
tbh...i am actually quite satisfied with my progress. so far expect the fact that i downed too much maraconi as my attention was diverted to the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
(usually it doesn't happen. usually i payso much attention to my food these days i notice the slightest lack of salt here and a little too much soba there)
and did i mention t'was the first post i made during my bathmoments?
its not a good attempt. bubbles kept blocking my vision like they want me to focus on the feeling and not the typing.
and i'll surrender to the fluffy mashmallows for now,

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