Blend in.Let the rest stand out.

leave it to the professionals.
how i hate the sound of ego
it's comparable to my hatred ( i always try to avoid the word cause i dont really hate the way the word is interpreted by the norm. i prefer "rather not" than the extremist. okay. i'm officially replacing it with confusion") towards the legal system, legislations, rules, norms, expectations of what you should and shouldn't do.
basically the very thing i got myself into. LAW.
no labels. no stereo-types. globalization.
all these big words.
but i believe in them all. shamelessly. (maybe not globalization in its contextual meaning.)
was doing everthing i can to avoid the huge tort book beside moi
with the purple post-it and its unchecked list scornfully reflecting my un-prolificness.
finish remedies for trespass tort, damages for personal injury, liability of an employer, occupier and it goes on forever.

so i did the undo-able. blog when ur bored

"models or celebrities for fashion ads?"
the first line brings in the confusion.
"leave it to the professionals"
then the whole piece justifies its conclusion with premises like Lagerfield's no ones better than Freja Beha Erichsen and Anja Rubik for having the right look and class
and Frida Giannini's preference of a strong, generic face that’s not related to any world — and certainly not one related to MTV or Hollywood

so the professions say a good photoshoot is a portrait.
the person blends in and let the clothes work its magic. and work the magic off the clothes as well.
celebrities overshadows the clothes. they appear way too many times on ok, hello and cosmo. no. they still want the clothes in the limelight in voguee.

this time i prefer to state out the premises. and not give any conclusion
i'm tired of the critical thinking process i've been slaving over for the entire week.
when people claim that ohhh i like this ewww hate that. they claim they have personality
if its so. I am a girl without personality.
i know what i want when i see them. like those toryburch and jeffrey campbells and coldplay and the sun awaiting outside the windowsill. hoping its entry won't constitute trespass. and the smell of fresh green grass.
but i dont despise things thats not-theabove. i don't believe in false dilemma.
i don't believe my dream has to come in expense of yours
i prefer to walk out of the picture
pretend that i blended in. and look from beyond.
they say models are preferred since they are generic. they don't belong to any world.
no they do. to the professional world of models.
speaking of which its a professional making the claim. duh.
accept it. we belong to A WORLD. don't pretend we are the new element.
(obviously obsessed with iron man)
but accept the genus and bring in the differentia.
let your uniqueness stand out from the rest of which you belong to
define your life as accurately as can be
spare the ambiguity.

ciao to the egoist and bitches in moi. blend in. and let the rest stand out.

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