Thou art to me a delicious torment.

woke up at 3 and and there's nth in my head
then the throbbing and yawning hit so foreseeably
subconsciously, my hands ruffled though the highlighters and yellow sheets the unread notes
so i scrabbled thought highlighted read non-stop for another hour
prided myself with 4 full yellow sheets of notes on remedies.
then the frustration hit when the pile of unread notes still stood. undefeated.
remedies down. mistake misrep duress undue influence to go??
too much for a girl who woke up for contract at 3
flopped down for a raison cookie (or maybe 3..or more)
until i satisfied meself that revenge on contract had been taken
u can take away my sleep and happy dreams yes
but no not my appetite and my words
yet am confused whether its the fear of not knowing answers to contract questions
or the fear of letting the past week go to waste
or both
or maybe its just the yellow notes flashing "GUILT" before me eyes
that made me sulkily return to the highlighters and speed scanning

one hour left.

as for the title... i will leave it to THE quotes

yeah they were all yellow


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