good morning world

an hr ago, i shd have started my daily wake-up routine
but after hving some MIA sun showering onto my bed after pulling away the curtains
i went out of the routine
aka yanked at the covers and actually tried, impressively, to reset the whole scene to 0300
pop in some jack johnson (yup something in the air tells me its some jackjohnson day to moi)
shared some links
halted jackjohnson, played some imaginary ski ba bip ba dop bop with some more imaginary drumsticks
shared some links (fyi, nail polishes these days are way out of their own league. dick weed? is that even humanely possible?)
lit a sage and citirus, blew out some heated debate in ma head on whether apple cider/macintosh's more worth checking out at the yankee candles
deciding on how much longer do i have to wait before i can be enjoying imax inception
and whether its a good/bad/not even deserve good or bad thing to hv missed tonite's armani bar invite for little bro's farewell at the airport. i settled down on the latter
wait. felt strangely bewildered at the fact that the oh-so-ever-annoying boy next door wont be kicking balls at my legs for the next fortnite
even more bewildered by the fact that i have to suit up, wake up before 9- join the labour force at large
and that leaves 2 more days of freedom
(better put, 2 more days to devour 90210 season 1)
and more nites to check out the new m.a.c in the groove swatches.
to control my desire, for material
and to control, my control, for expense

quote of the day:
" all emotions, if sincere, are involuntary" Mark Twain
( first quote ever to have learnt by heart)

my best friend got into a local uni
the hype is over for my supposed-to-be-co-years
and, alas, we are ALL college students
no more generation gap. not for now, at least

best dressed of the day:

everhy detail: from the sheer lace, nude pumps, right jewellery...all very 10 trended

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