an epilogue: a sushi affair

first stop: sashimi/ sushi affair

an army of omelette

pork chop jap style

and here comes seafood sequel

sad...but do you actually believe sushi fall from heaven?

ahhh see-thru-shrimp

on the left: amazing fish. we downed 5.
on the right: standard dish of the day. AHHH

yum yum pearls and chopsticks in action

dad caught redhanded in a sushi affair

second stop: sweetness overload

and i surrendered to cranberry milk and bagels

hey hey, did you say le tao's mango fromage?!

no. it can't be strawberry pies, blueberry pies and strawberry cakes

maroons 1

what? and more to come

attention: the little berry cakes melted my taste buds and watered my heart

is this even real or am i really dreaming?

strawberry shaped strawberry cake. strawberry overload. hawt.

i am not a fan of chocolates, but this spectrum of brown caught my heart

the making of heaven on earth

im not even joking when i say they invade. this time, in STACKS.

third stop: other than eat, eat, eat - SHOP!

never had i been nagged during my shopping fantic- to call mom sometimes. salute.

gap kids!!!!

antique heaven

they even got antique billy joel. sadly, no transfer of ownership

a glimpse of the aftermath

god, i love this place.

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