today, i...

today, some miracle happened ( i'm starting to feel that these posts are starting to sound more and more like the FML entries)
the first miracle would be me being able to wake up, voluntarily (this is the main point) at nine sharp for an early movie with the fam
after i pulled an all-nighter
thanks to spain's belated victory
and villa's lack of enthusiasm, later proved effective by iniesta

and later, after some runny mascara and tissue overload
i found myself downing some burger right across the boy i mentioned earlier in my last post
it was a quick time-limited lunch of a mere half and hour
it was a little more than half-time break but less than half a match
anyways, we talked like time had frozen where we were laughing and giggling at barney.
we used to watch barney. a lot. we found it very unisexual, satisifying the boy's desire for dinosaurs and his sister's wild imagination
back in those days we can always find a way to have fun
with minimal harm done
but today, while we were doing small talk over combo burger set
i spent 15 min debating in my mind whether i should lightly mention sara
i still cant decide whether having a spanish girlfriend's a pro or a con
but obviously, to him, it was the best thing that has ever happened to him
i hope i was something like that to him.
at least, when he was six

then the rest of the afternoon was spent catching up with the sister
basically catching up with the story of her recent breakup with the five-year-marathon boyfriend
it was sad
in some way, to witness yet another highschool sweetheart gone down the drain
the sound of heartbreak sound so familiar
it kind of broke my heart again

and i met the fam. of the boy and the girl
we were so close i know better than to even bother small talk on the ride home
i knew the boy's father like it better with minimal noise
and the mother, contented with her own Q&As
i was actually smiling to myself all the way home
if someday the family i was so used to having
would one day be my family as well
but no.
spain won.
and no asia team ever got into the finals.
i guess this is how the world works.

on the bright side,
i discovered some decent neighbours today
and one came over for dinner and dance dance revolution battle
i ended up zealing a deal with him on a tutorial session
the extra pay will def make me smile for the rest of the summer

p.s. and one more miracle
i found a new reader for the blog :)
it was actually a bittersweet experience for moi (forgive me)
of course i was honoured that someone stalked me and landed themselves in this little sacred space of mine,
yet still, i hope all this emotion and description overflow doesn't bore you
i really dont want you to read this line and wonder why on earth am i doing reading some bullshit like this
just to let you know
though my bones hurt-day 3,
but my heart smiled
very beautifully

thank you

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