First post ever via blackberry
How cool will it be if there's this little icon somewhere to bare witness to this historic moment
And this is wut I mean when I said vanity is part of the original sin
And I realise I love to put ands at the beginning of each sentence
I guess I like my thoughts to sound continuous and flowing and and and
And not alone
The feeling of being beloved can care for
Something only jamie cullum's music and lyrics can provide for nowadays.
For the account of my lastest disapperance
I had just too much to say
That talking abt it tend to do more justification than justice
No I'd rather tell u all abt it like some other story some other hurdles we've been thru
Right now, being in the middle of it all
I need some unbiased advice more than some more mourn

And here I am, at the doc, belated
Delayed by a brow appointment with the sis and some more belated lunch
Sitting in front of me's a man and a woman
The man caught my eye, with his tanned skin and beautiful smile
And then I look causally to where we was looking
And found both of us gazing at this beautiful short-haired woman
And when I look into the man's eyes, I literally saw him embracing all of her
Smiling only to her and no one else
Loving her and her alone

People don't need people-says audrey in breakfast at tiffanys
I tried to console myself with john mayer's perfectly lonely
But no, I guess perfect and lonely are born bipolar
One has to be perfect with the person they love
Say bf, say husband, mom, dad...
Did I not tell u I had the most amazing and one of the most exciting summer nite twirling curling dancing with my fam
T'was like they will be there, no matter what
That their love for u will not vanish with usher's oh my gosh
But stay til the break of dawn
And endure the nite

Today's phil's birthday
I realise I've never had the chance to celebrate his birthday with him the five months we're together
Funny how things go yeh?

Two days ago, my best friend defriended me on facebook
Two days from now, I will be enjoying a cool summer in japan
Tonite, I will be seeing the girl who got lost in the ukay.

Time after time.
Life do plan us some surprises

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