is it fake to not be yourself to not say what you'd like to say

just for the sake of
trying to avoid some awkward silence
she asked

i said
so its like a white lie then, yeh?
white is a nice colour.

he told me, out of the blue, that some girl said "i liked you"
i wish he didnt tell me at all
sometimes i just dont know how to handle all that honesty
she said

i said
(from my experience)
its never wrong to not make a move
but once you made one, of any kind, they judge

i dont give a shit
she said (proudly)
and she also said
its sad to know that one day you really dont give a shit anymore

im sad because those things just always succeed in bringing me down
she said

when i didnt say
i agree

so i decided to swallow the sarcasm
she said

stand up for what you belief to be true
they demonstrated

i believed in you. but you turned out to be false.
i stood up for you but you did not
tell me then...
whats that you just said?

they said. she said. he said. i said.

when all is said and done
just retreat to the sun.

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