blockbuster bash

confession: i usually pick up quotes from ilovequotes like a man working 9 to 5 picks up his dinner at the supermarket. bad metaphor. i know. but the closest that i can relate to. to pick amongst the already picked. as if u need to squeese more brainjuice to actually deal with teeny stuff like wut to put in ur mouth (pun intended. spot it yeh?)

so tdy, as i finished clearing up another truck of memories from freshman year (oh lord, it took me 4 straight hours and it made me delay lunch til 4. makes it no lunch no more, but more of a spoon of soba and 5 packs of soy sugar-free cookies. dang, my diet went into the drain)

another reason: i actually SAT DOWN and watched jersey girl. yup, another jennifer lopez after wedding planner i loved most and ben affleck, the one and only who makes me cry every time and only after say, 15 minutes after the lights went on.

which led me to the core part of the post ( for those new readers, who might most probably be non-existent-given the no no publicity of my blog, i tend to wander - sometimes a bit further than far can actually describe) - a quote by ben affleck

"I think the more painful something is, the more you want to distance yourself from it," Affleck said. "I think the hard part is actually to let some of that go and to realize that when you see some of these images of people suffering in some way or another, to kind of remember that these are people who are in fact just in different circumstance than you are, but that are kind of dealing with [those circumstances] in a pretty brave and enduring way."

pretty much reminded me of my mother.
today i asked her whether she'd like to watch a chinese catastrophy movie with me
and the grim look on her face already spelt out WHY PAY 60 DOLLARS TO GET UR MASCARA RUNNY
thats true, economically, at least
but ben's true too, morally.

i thought miller already solved the moral v economy dilemma
at least he mentioned that they don't always go bipolar, that is.

and suddenly, i missed my blue white blockbuster card.
it was one of the first few cards that i actually own, aka with my name on the back
in those days i always carry proudly that little card with me
and go with mum to the blockbuster rental nearest my place
and i will get happily lost amongst shelves and shelves of blockbusters
thrilled with familiar titles and unfamiliar titles alike.

did i tell you i finished everyone of the dvds i've bought? yup jersey girl's the last latest one.
and i cant wait to get my list started again.
to begin with,
tonight: MI 1

off to dinner, ciao.

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