a sushi affair

so far... there goes the sushi affair (thanks for ben and jerrys for the inspiration on my new fb album covername. sorry but i'd not return the favour by downing chunky monkey just yet cause you cant even imagine how many pound's i've gain from the jap invasion of my teeny chinese stomach. one thing i got right, the japs ARE some invasive nation. physically AND physically.)

shd make it clear right from the start, this blog will be an account of some recent happenings and some more recent discoveries
(so in case u are not prepared to be bombarded with a life in helenchau's day and mind, then leave go fill in something more interesting in the url bar yeh?)

so right after i got off the plane and busied myself unpacking and rearranging my room
since i cant stand the fact that my bag collection's creating a worrying landslide right across my bed and with the new add-ins new yankee candles a new jewellery stand chunks of new jewellery heaps of new clothes new this and that i guess my room's gona explode if i get a little more lazier than i already am

after the intensive labour and a few pages of to-do, to-buy, to-see list done
i got myself some time to make myself at home
aka attended a birthday party saw the well-missed lover said ciao to some uni-due cousin
and suddenly everything felt like home again
this time it took me less than 24 hrs
to realise nth much has been missed and will be missed

some blunders are still made
something like the stupidity of taking an hr beforehand to personalize this tear-bound birthday card for the guy in red and brought everythg except the card to the party
some crazy random catch-ups with the guy who admittedly earned guilty pay frm ivygate and the realization that a harvard-bound Nepali's gap-year due
and the horror that the freak of my highschool's gona spend his gap in my faculty. (oh lord)
i know i too-often associate so-highschool aka those childish days
but this time it just felt right

and i learnt again that one shd never call it a night without hugging your lover and ur very best friend
something like sea-side walking heart-to-heart talking
is all it takes to patch up the 7 days of MIA
"as long as you are still you and me still me, nth will change, if everythg changes anyways"
and tell me how can i not love you
forever more

screw guys.
and thanks for the sudden call that lasts from prince edward to kowloon tong
you brought along some smiley stars to the hollow skies
the fact that im too young for my age and u too old for yours
made us perfect for each other

you made me think. and rethink.
whether i am where i shd be
the dilema and yet again (isnt it just some posts way below?)
but nevermind.
why are we always torn between that fact, or illusion, that someone somewhere something is not good enough for us
and how great are we anyways yeh?
just teach me the beats
and i promise i will keep the soul alive when you're gone

p.s. you can never actually guess what might happen to a girl who awaits her belated shower with hot water being throwing tantrums and decided to shut himself out completely
1. i came across a loving old man deliberating pain - tuesdays with morrie (chinese version) (but this time its a sunday happening)

click here for the vid

2. i googled miller's principle and decided to get this book
"David miller’s Principles of Social Justice "by Matthew Robinson, PhD
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Appalachian State University

-ha. see? i dont need to GO get crim law frm the uni bookstore. they COME to moi. voila.

3. and also got myself to go thru utilitarianism by john stuart mill. seriously, whats wrong with me?

thats it for today. i think i need to hit the doc. in case insanity really reaches me.

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