saturday sketch

today, the house sounded strangely quiet.
no annoying door slamming, abrupt air-con switching off
no balls being kicked into my face
shd be enjoying the peace and space happily yeh?
human are addicted to warfare

didnt know pearl harbour could last 3 hrs
i actually believed it to be one of the most excitingly short warfare films
it turned out to be one of the best collaboration with big names aka michael bay, hanz zimmer, ben affleck...
an amazing saturday, day and night
and the discovery of some piece of silence amongst the hustle and bustle

an ad-less haven

they say, when the clouds part, he'll speak.
are u listening?

caffine, capri, vintage chanel

sometimes words are excess. things define us.

it's all about colours. and this lucky girl found hers.

hold that sweet smile. we've got the sun behind our backs :)

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