a midsummer night's dream

where to begin?
so so so much happened. its almost impossible to even believe all this is actually happening
it has been three long short weeks
three unique stories with three very unique men
boys, u changed my life.
and when i say u did, u did.

woke up to some sparkling diamond, tangled around thee neck.
felt a bit sad, just remembering the bunch of roses left hastily on top of the washing machine
a teary kiss and some tearier begging
" make sure i get invited to the wedding"

my heart died the day i crumpled the unread letter
the day i realise no one deserve to be loved as dearly
as time will tell
that forever doesnt exist
then he came along

it was simply bang bang bang at first
too much "fuck you" "dont lemme see you again at the chambers" "i dont wana see your face anymore"
followed by some sorry
some sorrier act.
then things got steamy, confused, lovely.
what enthrals me the most:
the combination of paul smith sunshine men and cigs

what if
what if time could tell
that time doesnt constitute an excuse
that broken hearts can be fixed
that i dont need your commitment

what if
we tell each other
maybe its possible
even if its impossible
even if it means
some secret will forever lay forever
locked inside some secret vault in the left ventricles

its been long since i dreamt of someone.
and woke up to the same someone breathing next to me
its pretty amazing
what wonderful feelings a midsummer night's dream can bring

he asked: "whats the most beautiful thing you know?"
i said: " me. "
he told me he had three kids. and will be divorcing his wife in the week to come.
i will be living across the street of his firm in london, in the week to come.

why do the wrong things feel so right sometimes
therefore i write. to find myself, to make things right
i know no new post can mend the mistakes i've made this summer
but at least,
i stayed true to my words.


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