we'll stay forever young.

wasnt exactly worn out from smoking in smoking out 5 times in a row
yet i had to admit the indian's hookah usually gets into you before you realise
i remember seeing some polo mint dancing in the air
one after another and another and another
there was also some pina colada some french martini floating around
i lost track of the count
when jay-z start reminding us we stay forever young

i guess i didnt miss the afterparty after all
if yesterday is anything it is some frantic dancing some who-cares screaming giggling disc-jogging lahlahlahing blahblahblahing
was it someone's birthday?
i thought birthdays always the other word for FUN

"are you scared of college?"
"who isnt. its ridiculous not to be"
was i scared same day same time summer oh-nine?
melancholy's the word i'd pick
too busy reminiscing the gone option dating the bf befriending the stranger named THE FAMILY
i guess i would be scared if i actually realise im heading off to college
a brand new page in life
a step where all the past achievements the hard work you've paid gaining the perfect reputation
disappears like tracks in the snow on the first month of spring
i'm not scared.
i never was.
but as i walk thru it all, fearlessly
i started to panick, then freaked out (literally), cried until theres no more to cry about, missed so many lectures i feel like enjoying some sort of self-permitted gap year
then came the realisation
that i'm making my eighteenth year some sort of hell
this is so unfair
if fate is not gona make a change in itself
i am

so here i am, conversing with the to-be-freshman
rambling nonstop abt the best way to attempt the challenge of college
its impossible to stop myself from retelling the tale
of how i survived
but i also realised
theres no formula
even if i tried to be the saviour
all it takes is for you to seek
on your own, by yourself, fall and pick yourself up
and one day it will be your turn telling the same story
a little differently
but it would be the same...in some ways...in many ways

glad was i that i smiled listening to myself
finally proud of the pain
pitied was i that i didn't actually smile
i heard some granny's advice
it took me 6 months to grow up
it takes us half a life time to remain
forever young

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