there must be a pony!

todays the best day.
i have a feeling...
and it came true
thanks black eyed peas. for reminding us all to be brave enough to hope

6. My camera died this morning. It went to electronic heaven. Oh the good memories we've had together. It's like losing a best friend :( -fashionfoiegras
- dont we all understand oh-too-perfectly what that felt like. ( its not even funny. i prayed to trade my bf for the MIA baby. its obviously so lousy a bargin the G.O.D turned all deaf-ears)

7. so much abt the fashion fetish. cldnt agree more

8. yes we did skip 5....why??? I dont know....5 was chillin and didnt want to join the fun - @justinbieber
(do i even have to explain my love for beebs?)

9. the highlight of the day... i say beautiful things find their way into our lives without leaving a trial. and this little beau found its way into moi shopping bag at the very last moment- the counter right next to cashier
and im so glad that i picked it up
you made my day.
and may i present the ultimatum:

wana post everythg i loved in the inside...but dont wana spoil the fun.

for the sake of allusion- please enjoy my fav:

" Once upon a time a psychiatrist had twin sons age eight. One was an incurable pessimist- the other an uncurable optimist. their father became alarmed and decided to try an experiment. Christmas Eve he filled the pessimist's room with everything a boy could wish for; and he filled the optimist's room with horse manure. Early next morning he went to observe their reactions. The pessimist sat among the toys, books, clothes sporting goods- just sat there- eyeing the presents suspiciously, trying to figure out what the catch was. His father sighed and walked towards the other boy's room. When he peeked in the door he was him standing waist high in the middle of all the manure, shovelling it up in the air over his shoulder and laughing. Son! the father said, what's the matter with you? What are you so happy about? The boy turned, still laughing, and replied, Gee, Dad, i figure with all this horse shit-there must be a pony!"

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