i love.

i like to do/think anything that makes sense...at least to me

i still believe intuition comes before judgement....not that they don't sometimes go hand in hand
but u know, something has to go first

i love horses. i read every single ever-published version of Black Beauty when i was eleven.
i love the defined muscles the free-spirit them standing in their sleep the soft nuzzles the intelligent eyes the long legs the silent wishful gazes

i love tea biscuits, how they taste the same in every other brand, yet taste so different if u eat it in chunks/in bits/let it melt gently into thee tastebuds

i love white sheets, and a late morning tangling yourself in some wishing they are some sort of new web that u can stick to and never get away

i love bunnies and bears that don't wear anything aka stupid i heart sth clothes/ overrated ribbons

i love how you never see bunnies' mouth. yet their long ears distinguish them

i love wind-blown hair. a timeless hair trend.

i love hongkong. just name something this little place doesn't contain and i'm flying off to Mars with you

i love mars bar. not the mini ones, but the large overdose. this is the one time calories don't bother me

i love how i start to love cooking. the entire idea left me feeling as if I've eaten a Napoleon cake coated with berries having just staring at some

i love it when i say i love. it makes me feel loved

i love nicholas spark's last song. never has words bring so many private giggles

i love being alone in my room in a late afternoon not needing to plan to pack to wash to run an errand to buy some clothes to update some trends to worry about not being in the picture

i love the feeling of having to cook my own soba noodles in 30 minutes. it makes me feel like miss independent

i love the feeling of having the whole house to myself. no nagging parents no screaming kids no turn-off-the-air-con no blasting music (maybe a little john mayer)

i love not having to spend my day amongst clothes and air con aka in a mall. but i have a confession to make: the urge to watch a movie, a movie of any kind, is starting to heighten to an amateur orgasm

i love to have known what a lucky cigarette is.

i love my mum calling me just to tell me how great some iced coffee tasted.

i love the fact that im writing all this within ten minutes because i need no commas no spaces just a dash-straight from my heart

i love how im filling in some blank space with some invisible colours of happiness

i love the card we made for our aunt's birthday yesterday. i finally got the chance to try out my new faber-castell coloured-pencils.

the only thing i'd love to improve is the control of my appetite

i love that waking up doesn't mean waking up to a day of too much talking

i love being perfectly lonely

bye. i am going to make love to some soba noodles :D

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