who says i cant get stoned

everyday i look in the mirror
i see the reflection of some words in bold:

"never fear failure. fear your own cowardice"

taylor swift said fearless and it was platinumed

i still fear spider and its menacing legs. its not fair when some is born to move faster than the others.

its strange that some champagne supernova brought back scents of strawberry fields
some cold air on a british morning
some best days of my life

i still dont understand why no youtuber think apple pies' worth more than 5:00
i remember eating the best best pie of my life
and it doesn't feel like it's a miracle of some quickie
no miracles don't come in 5 minutes of chopping rolling baking

i dreamt of making my own creme brulee bruschetta apple crumble today
i'd like to keep making them in my dreams
until i stop turning jellos into beef
isnt that something
something more than turning water into wine?

5 mintues after i dashed out of bed
i found myself behind the wheels
driving 70mph on a highway
wondering what on earth is ahead
and why is june so constipated the time so congested

i find my urge for job hunting blog searching last between 2am-4am
that explains by unprolificness in living a life

i find everything so congested so constipated so suffocating now
that i decided to give my words some space





i think i am stoned.

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