im glad i selected the dont remember me mode
so that everytime i start taptaptaping away in the little password space
i tell myself something i already know
but need to be reminded
(sorry dear but this i just have to keep to myself. it's THE PASSWORD after all)

so one the fourth-day-in-a-row rain rain pour away day
i decided to stay in a bit
replaced the beatles with some norah jones
some less repetitive lyrics with some doesn't make any sense
i hope by then, when the rain heard, it will understand what it means
when we sincerely prayed
to come again another day

there i decided to stay in
and decided a lot of different things too
(its the consequence of waking up before noon. I TOLD MYSELF NOT TO. but not today. today's some girl's big day of being officially able to dance behind some wheels.
believe me, its the second greatest thing other than being officially permitted to fly)
plus. i had this rare enthralling convo with the mother
over automobiles.
and we came to this conclusion
that its not the fact that dad doesn't trust mum behind the wheels
he just generally doesn't trust any women AT ALL
talking abt some 2010
and the very man of my life doesn't trust woman
now i guesss u understand why the occassional bomb bomb pows in mah life

okay. no more beating around the bush. get back to groundzero.
today i saw this darling
this charming carousel of words:




some fell-in-love-at-first-sight rarity moments. i swear i have to finish the book before the premier on 15.7

listen..but its not the image of the fragrance itself that caught my eye...instead, its the below....

Eat has top notes of Italian lemon, basil and bergamot; a heart of plum, red current and rose, and a drydown of caramel, meringue and vanilla. Pray has top notes of elemi, pink pepper and juniper berry; middle notes of incense, peony and rose, and a drydown of patchouli, amber and musk. Love has top notes of bergamot, red currant and mango blossom; a heart of tiare and dewy jasmine, and a drydown of sandalwood, vetiver and velvet amber.

talk about trying to justify scents with words?
i tried to imagine what goes through the nostrils.
i did.
i quite appreciate the fact that they realise musk makes one pray
and love?
i don't think i'm in a position to judge
at least
not now

so before i go spinning in circles with this ultra overrated miscellaneous post
i have to decide just some more things
aka which calories to down
once/jersey girl
when the rains gonna drain and lessen some pain
but for now
one thing's certain
norah jones
some music played perfectly right on a perfectly confusing day.

p.s. once..is more than enough

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