we are the world

to go out or not to?
who would have expected one to stay in on this almost annoying sultry day
after a week of summer-bound moodswings the hongkong skies throwing yet once again some of its usual tandrums some hongkonger fiddling with almost too much time
didn't we just said too little time a little too many times?
in the end
amist this summer summer starry nights
there's always a little too much time to waste

some songs just come and go
aka the O.M.Gs (still dont understand how it made itself onto the billboard. given that the billboards always nth more than THE billboard. pun intended)
some once loved maybe forgotten once hated, now liked
something like the new we are the world feat. JB
it strikes me as amazing how some songs just oozes in and out of ur life
( im loving the sound of the word ooze. it simply gives the whole action some sort of dancy grace)
i was 7 when i was awed by Lionel Richie's "there comes a time when we hear a certain call"
then it was forgotten, until some femal richie danced into the scenes with simple life. i was 17.
as i decided to spend this sultry day rummaging through certain messed up boxes of memories
i found, to my own surprise, some trace of last summer (or more accurately but less elegantly put - last semester)
the familiar words making the perfect soundtrack perfect reminiscence of the 1st semester of my freshman yr hall life
can u believe how addictive we are to the pain we've gone thru and tried so hard to forget?
i can.

and when i come to think of it,
i've never knew myself as well as i'm doing right now right here on the roof in this soothing summer breeze

ha. and i'll stop fiddling with time when everything goes well
the teeny weeny little perfect plan of mine

theres no rush in growing up. no stress. no pressure
theres no wrong in believing in we are the world

just dont be afraid to be alone.
its always some sort of pleasure some sort of honour and never ever guilt.

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