my little girl

"you are so rational"

i guess when times like finals are just a week away, it is but a sin not to at least unleash the most rational side of yourself to combat all the desires and temptations

i didn't know a weekend can leave a person so emotionally drained. or more correctly put, a dinner.

she's nice, sweet, pretty. got the most innocent smile. the biggest heart.

they meet on the street.

I felt she was the me I would have been if I hadn't allowed my eyes to see so much

I brought her to my room, showed her things I would never have let a person in her position to see.

like my chanel nailpolish collection. and the fact that I feel ashamed for having bought them all but could never use.

I think I need some friends.

Then I came across another song today,

wanted to tell him so much about. I just knew he would have heard.

but hesitated since I felt the boundaries I need to construct to make thing straight.

but then I did, he heard.

just like that.

we don't need to share

he don't need me to care.

Then the little girl who cares too much need to move on

and be someone more rational

so that she will not grab some innocent boy's heart

and make it her own.

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