there is some new motto I kept trying to get into my head

been there, done that, and never go back.

people, places, things, toys.

don't cry over the same split milk.


today I saw someone familiar in others arms, caption "its ok to be simple"

I think I want simple, but I don't get to smile often.

When I was waking home late night with a guy after a nice dinner and some intimate chat, he wanted to turn into the nearest mtr station and take the train home. I stopped him, and my reason is " its late and there are lots of twists and turns in the underground. better walk where you can apprehend the road ahead of you."

"and why are you so not street-smart when it comes to relationships?". was his answer.

I wonder why.

I met a guy whose heart I torn while I was on my way to the doctor today. I waved, he smiled.

like nothing happened.

I deleted the number of a guy I cared so so much about today.

like nothing happened.

Sometimes i ask myself

why she smiled so happily, as if nothing happened.

as if a girl as smart as she is knows nothing about the other girls

but there she is.

with him on his 22nd birthday,

the girl I felt so sorry for when her boyfriend cheated on her.

I always thought, if I can practice being alone, nothing can hurt me.

I can replay songs, be with my family, people from shops, but no, nothing serious.

but when I see their smile, or more correctly, her innocent smile and his grimace.

I wonder.

What I want from life.

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