if today is a name of a song

if today is a name of a song, it will be dean martin's marshmallow world

it started out with a rather reluctant vibe aka introduction to chinese law 9:30 loke yew hall.
plesh. i've never set foot in that place in what? since i quit my job?
but well mid-terms are mid-terms (aka boys are boys in some i've-forgotten-the-case-name-contract-case) so it's not like discretion has any of its right and privileges

but this morning some sweet person made me laugh so much he made the 30 min wait at the minibus stop felt like 5 second. oh well, 5 min. (i swear the line extended to the other end of the block forming a complete square. can u possibly imagine? a line of people forming a square?)

so i was writing writing away in my exam not really conscious of my thinking because oh-well the justification is that this is merely an INTRODUCTION so thinking is not needed.
thanks for letting me know.

so it led me thinking somewhere else. if only the world can label its content as mere INTRODUCTION v IN-DEPTH STUDY.
then i would know when to put an end to the abyss of thinking
on things like
why you didn't reply my text and
why i smile so secretly yet so much when i listen to your voice
i think it only deserves an INTRODUCTION, no?

i have to brag a little here, given that it is my private space, please spare me the judgment
i feel flyyyy when i got my VERY FIRST A (yup. you are still sober. its an A as in A-line coat) for my constitutional law assignment.
i did make sacrifices aka called off work for two days to be innocent (refer to older posts hehe)
i still can't believe it

so they say, the butterfly effect. i relate this to my bliss for the day
i find myself floating towards prints, grabbing this and that, matching, dismissing, loving, aww-ing and finally got the stuff i need
for mum and dad's anniversary gift

she said its 20 years.
i know, its long and not-easy at all. at all.

and there i spent the entire afternoon
buried by a landscape of memories, some labelled old, some labelled kowloon tong, others, when dad is still a single man with beatles' hair.
i secretly kept a few of his portraits.
man, he's amazingly handsome
and i'm being as impartial as can be

so i finally put together, the start of 20 years and the 20th year to come
funny how they changed so much, inside and out.
i know its inevitable
but i can't help sighing
at how young and happy they looked
just 20 years ago.

and just so to end on a happy note,
i'm sending out christmas cards tomorrow. by hand. i've lost my trust in the royal mail
and in 10 min time i will be joining the couple for their first in-house anniversay celebration.

may love prevails.

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