all i want for chirstmas is you

ouch. my pride was literally hurt by the fact that i failed (yet again) to find the answer to a factorization problem

if there is an award for the worse mathematician on earth. i would nominate myself.

and there i found another legitimate reason to be in love with the mess i am tangled in

at least im stuck with words

please. numbers screw up my mind. like notes in music. i hope you see the white flag no?

currently i am mesmorized with charlotte's famous " how far will i go for true love" (sex in the city)
and it kept me wondering for an entire night
whether i would REALLY give up christmas for a Jew.
(at least the OC made christmukkah sound...livable)

but the answer came
when i found myself choosing love actually's soundtrack over john mayer and danced and sang-a-long to all i want for chirstmas (two versions), listened and kindly dismissed coldplay's christmas light eventually falling head over heels for willie nelson (...featuring norah jones)'s baby its cold outside

and when i found myself hugging the big fat pine-scented christmas tree that finally shovelled its way through the door

i realise




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