i feel beloved.

after a long due fight with severance, i decide to throw throw throw everything underneath my car and drive off to nobu nibble some grilled seabass flirt with the oceanview chew on some love with my musee

then off we danced towards the ecoya scents, only to let cire trvdon let us down. so we decided on some french pear and lotus flower and let the coffee beans cleanse our minds.

maybe not really. before we know it we are giggling and falling in the carpark laughing at bmw with bmw-plates and the going-bald man in front of the driving wheels. how funny is life?

with that, i got it we don't need to get drunk to discover love, laughs, lies. its all around, like christmas is all around us

so let michale buble tell you what it meant when i say you are my everything.

p.s. just to let you know, i was smiling under the covers all the time (as i listen to you sleep).

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