Keep your heart hanging in gold

this morning,

I woke up to a madeon lineup. It really made me think, did I really care, but I smiled because I remember I did, and thats what really mattered

Sometimes I do wonder, whether the real life shattering moments in life, is worth for you to linger

some moments like when Maroon 5 is serenading " I won't go home without you" and the aftermath of an electiczoo linup in New York, when nothing beats having the time of your life at that moment on that night. Or simply when LeeHom sings his heart out 2 metres high above the ground, or even, when the ABT dances Romeo & Juliet away in front of your very eyes. 

What is there not to believe?

My mind leanrt to smile, briefly, and let whatever wants to catch its attention fall into the background, so that enjoyment is a skill to be achieved instead of an emotion to be triggered 

in time, you learn to take a piece of something away from dans le moment

something like a smile in the picture, the soundtrack of a summer, and maybe the touch of a skin

and then you learn to lock it somewhere in the softest part of your skin, and let it be 

until you find your way back to it someday, if you can

I took my words

so that without the images and sounds and feelings, it feels less real

whenever I decided to go back,

I can still imagine it to be as good as it can be

i kept the part of my mind, the youth, the impact. 

keep your heart hanging in gold. 

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