I am wonderstuck to have met you

we walked, we stopped, its closed

he looked sad, i tried to make him smile, he is determined to find his own way

we started to walk again, i told him silently that i don't care where we were when i'm with him

we stopped, in front of a familiar place

we sat, down and I saw the old me

with the old him on the other side of the table 

it felt like yesterday

when nothing but him matters the world to me

and now we are sitting here on the other side

he told me that the beef yakitori taste like heaven

I smiled

I wish I can let him know

how glad I was on the other side with him 

when I started to explain, the memories that hurt

he started to laugh, and told me about the pork neck salad he had at home

which is way worse than the pork neck asparagus yakitori we had 

I wanted him to let me know

how much love it takes 

to make a wounded girl smile 

as if yesterday did not happen 


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