I am always here, where your heart lies

i met a man

who told me things i dont know 

and things i wanted to find out 

he made me reconsider, when it took me 3 years to learn to stop where the mind starts to wander 

he made me feel safe 

to believe that it can be better 

and that there are always more than one route that leads to the same goal 

sometimes I wish I can wipe the tiredness from his eyes 

what has he seen that I haven't?

how can he believe in what I don't? 

he loved me in a way that made me stronger

I learned to walk home in the dark, fearless

because he is the only one who took me home 

made me feel safe and sound 

he made me smile to myself at times when I am awake 

he made me feel that there is more to each day, than just longing for a better tomorrow

I wanted to let him know 

I couldn't let go 

he said he can forget the pain of work when he enjoys our presence

I hope I can make his world better 

with love 

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