I want to run, into the past

cant sleep?

i kept going through what happened, the hurt i felt where the happiness was

the mistrust, the misrep, the misunderstanding

maybe this is all my dream

maybe i took all of this too serious

and made it my reality

even when it feels real today, tell me what you feel tomorrow

he said I am a fickle girl,

i dont see how he isn't

me to myself

him to everyone else

I told him I want to know him inside out, even the past he wanted so much to leave behind

I wonder if I really want to

I want to see

but I keep on forgetting

I only remember the happiness, swift

and the fear that is permanent

the fear of having to have everything taken away from you

I want to run

where to?

into his open arms

and tell him I wish

we loved.

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