make me fearless

10 min ago, i almost decide to abandon my baby

why should a rational grown up hide in this little space and try to sing her heart out

until i told someone important, someone very important

i miss him.

i almost felt a tear on my sleeve.

sometimes, one cannot run away from some real feelings.

even if you try to make yourself fearless

feelings are not a synonym of fear

today i talked to an old friend

about racism, choice and love.

he is proud of all the things he didnt believe in.

i was proud that I didn't believe a single thing he said.

why but if you just fall a little deeper, look a little further

you are not losing it but on the course of finding something.

today i found the reason to believe in love.

because someone told me its fine to get hurt and make mistakes

please just dont give up

just because you feared, never fear for love.

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