don't wait for yesterday to come around.

don't feel incompetent. - glass editor

I felt good, and ashamed. Why but if there is one word that could summarize my 3 years at uni,

it is the failure to embrace competence. an invisible standard built out of expectations.

its like trying to reach for what you should be, and falling uncontrollably into the abyss because, in fact, you are too incompetent to be yourself.

So I tried to search for another standard, and another and another.

everyday I felt worse, pained because of confusion; felt estranged because people who love me don't know the new me.

So I claimed to be the new nomad, with the wrong of labelling the path of growth a prolonged mistake

we danced and laughed like there is no tomorrow,

and still wished for a better tomorrow

until I know with this logic in head, I would most probably fail the 101 course on critical thinking

after dark, I have fallen many many times into my bear chair

wishing for a hug that could save me from the numbness,

the bear with no face.

We were first numbered, then named, then weighed and finally packed to be delivered.

howard said quarantine.

I said feel safe because you are tinted

believe that it cannot be the same,

but better.

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