be a warrior of love

I started writing out of pain

this is nothing but a product of a self-remedified antidote

until today

it is a place for self-teaching

of bliss :)

have you ever loved deeply enough

so much that you feel like words no longer expresses themselves (excuse moi from a blogger)

so you reach out to everything he love

and try to love them as well

so that you can understand how he lived his life

before you came along.

Someone used to ask what I will do when I realise i fell in love

i said without hesitation

"listen to his music, hear his mind"

understanding, i thought is a bridge, between human alienation.

pardon the years, the gaps, the immoralities.

i thought if one loved enough, one day these realistic spaces will melt like vanilla icecream on warm apple pie

but i forgot something essential

that even if i become vanilla icecream, he is still in another medium.

Love is bilateral.

until I met him

he is not apple pie, but cookies and cream

i remember the first time we had icecream.

I decide to pass, "it is too sweet"

he said "never fear. you only live once"

Im still skeptical until i realise,

even if i am in denial of myself, i am still icecream in nature.

its ok to melt, once in a while.

so you can make life taste different, live it differently.

so long for being vulnerable

if fear for hurt is the reason for denying love

then how can i proudly claim i deserve it without scars at the back of my mind

be a warrior of love

thats the most I can do.

I hope one day when the candle flame flickers in the dark winding road ahead

some morning ray will show me the light

I love you.

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