make it belong

i realise

it is not how long you held onto something that made it your own

it is how much of youself you place into that string of life called time

to be able to make it your own.

I used to be afraid to see more

Given the Rashomon effect, it doesn't matter how much information you have

it is just down to you and me.

I don't believe I can still locate my heart when hearsay pulled me into all directions

so I believe in the story you told

and take it as our love story.

I used to want everything to belong

familiarity is my safehouse.

I cannot bear the thought of sharing

especially something I used tears and time to let grow.

But why, things are never the way you want them to be.

if lessons are learnt with less impact than before, please take it as a blessing.

I will try to strengthen myself with better morals

and savor the hurt for later.

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